David A Good

What I'm Working On

September 06, 2020

What I’m currently working on: personal projects, learning, open source, etc.

In Progress

Up Next


  • Spring Boot Open Source Contribution

  • Basic CI/CD pipeline (deploy on commit) for davidagood.com

    • Uses AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline
    • Completed follow-ups:

      • Wipe S3 bucket via Lambda instead of in CodeBuild buildspec post-build step
      • Invalidate CloudFront distribution via Lambda as part of the pipeline
  • Twitter Unfollower Alerts

    • Plenty of follow-ups mentioned in the readme

Would Like to Do One Day

  • Revisit Haskell, specifically looking at Practical Haskell: A Real World Guide to Programming
  • Revisit Ruby/Rails
  • Revisit RedwoodJS
  • Create a proof of concept of a declarative, cache-aside in Java, e.g. using RxJava

    • Always wanted to code this up after seeing 1000 lines of imperative code, every single method repeating the same boilerplate: if key in cache return value, else get key from database, update cache, and return value
  • Python + Machine Learning

    • Good tweet from @svpino about how to go about it here
  • Build something with Vert.x or Reactive Spring

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